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  • you can expect shirts at your house in 6-10 days, the average is 7 days in the United States
  • we do ship worldwide, arrival is delayed and can take upwards of 3 weeks
  • if you order any non-shirt merch from the oldies section, mugs, hats and decals will ship separate from shirts; they may be a few days apart
  • all shirts are printed in the US, just for you, when you order them
  • orders are final, please be mindful of ordering the right size and color. no exchanges are possible; if we made a mistake printing or fulfilling your order, we will make it right
  • every dollar benefits animal sanctuaries, not a percentage of the profit but ALL of the profit
  • this website is run by volunteers for a nonprofit 501(c)(3) named dominion sanctuary, who will be managing the website and ordering processes
  • other benefactors of your purchases are listed on the bottom of the front page
  • contact:, please allow 5 days to respond; we're also running a sanctuary and we do not use a phone for customer service