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Growth! More piggies joining us!

Posted by allie gadziemski on

Hello friends! We are ready to open our heart and home to some more piggy friends- we have the drive and space and details on HOW to do it, and that's where you come in. We need financial help! We have the new pig barn almost ready for use but the fencing and enclosure is a big undertaking...

There has been a big neglect/hoarding seizure of animals and we hope to take in some pigs. It's a big undertaking, to expand our piggy enclosure by so much- we're looking at a $2000 fencing improvement. The first evening of our facebook fundraiser brought in almost $700, and now things are slowing down. Can you help? 

Links: (This facebook link has a lot of information and details), or direct paypal:, Venmo: dominionsanctuary, OR email us for our address if you'd prefer to mail a check!

A link directly to a news story on these pigs is here:

This will give the pigs SO much more room to roam, graze, root, mudbathe, enjoy more shady areas and plenty of sun spots... it's pretty perfect. Thank you so much for considering a donation- we appreciate all of your support and help for these innocent animals!


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